Pt Bacchan Lal Misra - Trained from a very tender age by his guru Ram Nrayan Misra was taught in both majo kathak traditions,combining graceful,sensual elements of Lucknow Gharana with the powerful dynamic rhythms of Jaipur Gharana.Mishra got trained in 'Bhav,from Nritya Samrat Shambhu Maharaj' and laykari from Shri Bithal Das Gujrati,"Traditional Bol" from Nrityashree Pt Shyam Lal mishra (Jokhu Maharaj)and theoretical aspects of kathak fromP.t.T.L. Rana.Pt. Mishra has performe in prestigious stages likeTansen Music Conference,Allaudin Khan Sangeet Samraho,Sadarang Music Conference,Jhankar Music Circle.He has received 'Sangeet Praveen',and Gold Medal from Prayag Sangeet Samity, Allahabad, title of 'Nrityacharya' from Surdas Sangeet Sammelan,Kolkata and 'Nrity Bhushan' from Orissa.

In addition to being the director of his school 'Pt. Ram Narayan Sangeet Kala Kendra,Mishra is an examiner of Prayag Sangeet Samity. Pia Majumdar completed her post graduation with he Guru who has guided her in various taals like Teentaal, Jhaptaal, Dhamaar and Pancham Sawari' and mastering these Pia Majumdar is imparting this knowledge to her students in United States Of America. 

Madhumita  Roy was trained by Susmita Misra and had a sound training in Jaipur.She has studied Kathak from Vijay Shankar at Padatik Dance Center, Kolkata.
Pia Majumdar has been trined at Padatik Dance Center by her in 'Teentaal, Jhaptaal and Dhamaar' and has performed in several choreographic works at Rabindra Sadan, Gyan Manch and Madhushudan Manch. Giving successful exams at PLT,
{Padatik Little Theatre}, Madhumita Roy has been her guru and examiner. 
Pia Majumdar DONATED RUPEES 1 MILLION  by Chetna Jalan in Taal along with Taal maestro Shankar Ghosh .Chetna Jalan was trained by Pt. Ram Narayan Mishra. In her repertoire at Padatik she works on 'Taal' and Abhinay.She is the director of Padatik Dance Center in Kolkata, India.Pia Majumdar performed in more than  Dance 
The initial training of Pia Majumdar at Padatik was by Pt. Vijay Shankar and his students Madhumita Roy,Luna Pan ,Sushmita Sur,Nilanjana. She attended  classes in Taal.Pt. Vijay Shankar from Hyderabad was trained in kathak by Ram Krishna Shukla , brothr in law of Acchan Maharaj.He later mastered kathak from Birju Maharaj and divideds his time between Kolkata and Japan. 
SHANTI BOSE -Pia Majumdar has been trained in Rabindrik dance style from Guru Shanti Bose and has taken part in several choreographies like 'Shyama', 'Tashr Desh' and was did his main roles at Loreto House.Shanti Bose  went on to pursue dance with Kathakali honors, from Academy of Dance, Drama and Music (presently, Rabindra Bharati University). He joined Uday Shankar’s troupe before graduating with a first class first degree in dance, and then went on to perform extensively in India and abroad with Uday Shankar’s troupe. He was particularly well known for his solo performance in the piece Kartikeya. He also assisted Uday Shankar in his multimedia show Shankar Scope. Shanti Bose was associated with Uday Shankar for 17 years, and was the ballet master of his troupe from 1965 to 1977. Apart from Uday Shankar, Shanti Bose has also been associated as dance director with Santosh SenGupta’s Suramandir and Ruma Guhathakurta’s Calcutta Youth Choir in their various productions in India and abroad. He was also a part of many productions of Suchitra Mitra’s Rabi Tirtha. He played the lead role in Abhigyan Shakuntalam under the direction of Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra

Rabindrik Guru Shanti Bose'Nrityangan'
CHETNA JALAN - ' Padatik Dance Center'-----R
Madhumita Roy - 'Ghungroo
Nritya Acharya - Pt Bacchan Lal Misra
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